Lord Mahavira

‘Bare Moozi ko Mora Nafse ammara Ko Gar Mara,
Nihang-O-Azdaha-OShere Nar Mara To Kara Mara.’

Translation- Verily you have slain the most cruel enemy, if you have killed your sensual instincts; it is of no consequence, if you have subdued a huge crocodile, or a python, or even a lion.

Lord Mahavira, popularly misbelieved to the originator of Janism, was in fact the last of the Jain Tirthankaras. He was the senior contemporary of Budha though unfortunately they never met each other. It was at this time that Isaiab was prophesying among the Jews in Babylon.

The greatest Apostle of Ahinsa, Truth & World-Peace


“ All hostilities and enmities cease in the presence of a man well-established in AHINSA”.

Near about the sixth century B.C. was a period when there was a great religious turmoil in India, and when the six schools of Hindu philosophy appeared. This period of Indian History in which Mahavira lived is called the rationalistic age. It was at this time when Confucious flourished in China and Pythagoras in Greece.

Mahavira was the son of king Sidhartha. His mother was Trishla or Priyakarni, who was the sister of the Chieftain of Vaisali, the capital of Videha. She was also related to Bimbisara , te king of Magadha. Both the parents were worshippers of Pashwa and followers of the Sharmanas. His place of birth was Kundalgarma (Vaskunda) the prominent part of the Vaishali city at present known as Basarh, a place about 27miles north of Patna. The year of birth as given by the Jain tradition viz 598 B.C. has been disputed by some historical scholars upon various grounds, and they think that it should be some where about 545 B.C.

While yet in womb Mahavira’s mother saw sixteen dreams and the prognosticators predicted that some great person was to take birth. Once in his childhood when he saw playing with his playmates under a tree a terribly fearful cobra suddenly made its appearance. Being dread-striken the other princes fled away, but prince Vardhman, which was his real name, subdued the hissing sound thus earned the name of Mahavira, meaning a hero.

At the early age of eight years he began to take the vows of Ahimsa and never felt attracted to the worldly pleasures. His father wanted him to marry, but the pure and chaste-hearted Mahavira did not, according to enjoyed, when others were suffering. Men exploited and ill treated by men regarded only as a means of sexual gratification. The condition of the dumb animals was the worst of all. Suffering was most rampant every where. Mahavira could not tolerate this and made up his mind to promote his own and suffering world’s good. Spurning the way of life at the age of thirty and caring not for heat ,cold hails and storm, e discarded all clothes including the loin strip, and took pleasure in the Digambra, meaning the sky-clad, or the Bibical “seamless coat” of a Jain saint.” Lord Mahavira was thus both inwardly and outwardly free from all taints of attaching bonds and ties. He became a yogi in the true sense of the word, and enjoyed real and everlasting.

Unimproved and unperturbed, he mediated day and night before all calamities and hardships, ad spoke but very little. When molested he absorbed himself in the meditation free from all taints of resentment.

After twelve years of penance and meditations at the age of forty two, while sitting under a sal-tree on the bank of the river Rijupalika, Mahavira attained omni-science. As a world teacher He lived for thirty years. In Budhist canonical literature he is at several place described as all-knowing and all-seeing. The Jains celebrate Diwali in memory of his Nirvan days.

Lord Mahavira was true Jina, or a Conqueror of one’s baser-self. Writing about him Gandhiji said.

“I say with conviction that if any one has practised the fullest extent and propagated most, it was Lord Mahavira.”

We need more today than ever before in the growing violence and terrible weapons of destruction His message of non-violence and compassion.

Here are some sweet smelling roses:-

Mahavira proclaimed in India, the Message of salvation that religion is a reality and not a mere social convention, that salvation comes from taking refuge in that true religion and not from observing the external ceremonies of the community, that religion can-not regard any barrier between man and man. Wondrous to relate this teaching rapidly over topped the barriers of the race’s abiding instinct and conquered the whole country. For a long period now the influence of Kashatriya teachers completely suppressed the Brahmin power.

Dr. Ravindra Nath Tagore.
Jain Gazette, Delhi, 29/10/1943 P. 16.

Mahavira lived a life of absolute truthfulness, a life of perfect honesty, a life of complete chastity, and a life which gives protection to all living beings. He lived without possessing any property at all, not even clothes. He enjoyed omniscience perfect bliss, knew himself to be immortal and his life is an example for every one who wishes to get away from pain.

Mr. Herbert Warren, Englant.
(Vir 15-5-1926 P. 2)

In these days’ hatred and distrust which seem to encompass humanity in a fearful falsity darkening the whole field of human endeavour and activity, the salvation of the human race lies in the doctrine preached by Shri Mahavira.

Dr. K.N. Katju-Mahavira Singh,
(Jaipur 25-5-1947)

I am anxious to see the day when the principles of love and nonviolence preached by Lord Mahavira would be practiced by people all over the world leading to peace and contentment in all corners of the globe. He was a very brave man as he had attained victory over his passions and desires.

Hon’ble Shri Sita Ram Jajoo, Law Minister
Madhya Bhade.

Mahavira is the strongest spiritual reactionary. He has proved though his life that soul is not the slave of body. He destroyed the world of materialistic creeds and ethics in a way that we may call him a Superman of the finest kind. We claim for him the verses of the German thinker Herder:

He’s hero of the Conqueror of battle-fields,
He’s hero the Conqueror in lion-hunting,
But he’s hero of heroes, the Conqueror of himself.

P.Joseph Mary ABS, Germany.

Lord Mahavira , the great saviour of the world had handsome and symmetrical body and magnetic personality with heroic courage and perseverance.

He had cast off the bonds of ignorance. Illumination had come upon Him, and He became Master, as Iheosophical world say.

Prof.Dr.U.S Tank.

The teachings of Mahavira sund like the song of a victorious Soul that has at least found in this world its deliverance and freedom.

Dr. Albert Paggi, Genoa.