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Jain Mat Sar
By L. Sumer Chand Jain
Ex-Divl. Accountant,
Punjab, Ambala.

It is a closely printed book of 321 pages in the Urdu language, dealing with metaphysics, ritualism, cosmogony, philosophy, and ethics of the Jain religion in a thorough and exhaustive manner. We have very much appreciated a liberal, critical and comparative study of Jain religion along with other systems of belief, and recommended it with pleasure to the earnest study of all students of religion, who can not avail themselves of the original text books or their authentic translations.

The style and diction of the author is natural and popular and his effort to explain the subtle philosophy of Jainism in a clear manner is highly commendable.

Ajit Prasad,
M.A., LL.B.

Editor, Jain Gazette, Aug. 1916

This book is a collection of materials and ideas gathered by the author as a result of his life-long interest in everything concerning Ahimsa, Jainism and comparative religions. The compilation has been made intelligently and laboriously and the author deserves appreciation for the pain he has taken in compiling it.

The information brought out throws ample light on various subjects. The critical study of book is sure to reward its readers by imparting a mine of information of pre-historic matters and by inspiring them to strive in the same manner.

As its title suggests, the reader will obtain a peep into Jainism through the medium of this book. Thus introduced through the realms of Infinite Spiritual Prowess, a progressive and conscientious reader will surely become interested in taking up the study and practice of the Science of spiritual Omniscience and Omnipotence.

New Delhi               Kapur Chand Jain
25-06-1964              Dy. Secretary,
                                    Ministry of Defence,

Government of India :




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In Loving Memory of :

Late P.C. Jain Assistant Director, Central water & Power Commission (Power Wing) New Delhi (21, November, 1964)

Writer with his Wife in Kashmir

The editor and the Author with his Wife
Shri Khub Chand Jain
near the Tomb of Isa Sahib in Khanyar,
Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

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