Scientific Knowledge: Our scientific knowledge tells us that although through its certain inherent property matter changes in form, space and name, but the universe as a whole remains the same. This because not a single new atom can be created nor chose that exist, can never be annihilated. Water at one time turns into cloud and then again water. A taper when burnt out does not become extinct the number of particles contained therein remains the same. They are somewhere in atmosphere in some other former shapes. It is true science has not advanced us enough always to restore those particles into their former form but we have succeeded in converting a bamboo into piece of paper, pea-beans and maize into fine cloth and what is more we sometimes back heard that a certain Japanen scientist had converted coal into butter! Recently Mr. A. Bardin, a soviet academician disclosed in the Economic and Industrial Journal of Russia that the Soviet Scientists plan in the near future to make gold from lead & that they also might produce other rare metals through a new branch of industry called ‘Radio-active Metallurgy’ by the use of common chemical elements.

Here is a recent case. In 1943 an Indian Chemist demonstrated the manufacture of gold from mercury in the presence of Mr. Jugal Kishore Birla, Mr. Mahadev Desai the Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi, and other prominent persons in Delhi. On the first day he transformed one tola of mercury into gold in their presence. The product was rigid tested by specialists and was declared to be real gold. Next day he turned one seer of mercury into gold in their presence. This gold was later on donated to an institution.

(Tribune, 12-8-68)

Glass from water. Dr. Joannis Jannas has determined that if water could be cooled to minus 146 degrees centigrade without crystalising into ice it would become glass. When cooled below melting points most liquids take up regular atomic structure typical of crystals. If crystallisation is prevented the liquid becomes super cooled and its viscesity increases as temperature falls.

Glass is a substance that has been so supercooled that its viscority is great enough to give it the properties of solids several substances can be turned into glass. Alcohol becomes glass at minus 179 degrees centigrade. The temperature at which water can be turned into glass has also been determined.

Through a natural process of lasting over billons of years a piece of wood and other dead bodies like twigs and trunks of trees etc fossilise into stones, and the coal is converted into diamond, called the purest form of carbon. The flint, a more stone, looks cold but is possesses the capacity to produce fire. Fruits when raw generally taste sour and sometimes even bitter, but on ripening they become sweet-strangely enough water-melons full of sweet watery juices grow in arid soils and weather.

Change in matter. What is all this due to? This is because basically matter is one and it has the inherent property of and sometimes imperceptibly, is going on every moment and everywhere in the universe. What appears to be a growth is replate with decay and where there is decay it has latent potentially for the growth. The prakit word for matter is Pudgal () Pud means to grow by integration and gal means to decay by disintegration. Whatever undergoes modifications by integration and disintegration or combination and disassociation is termed Pudgala. This is through this inherent property of change that matter assumes the form of a flower and then the body of a fish or fowl, a feather, or a firewood and what not.

Creation and Destruction: the above is a fundamental proposition, an axiom or a postulate and if we accept it there is absolutely no necessity for a belief in a creator and a destroyer. Suppose you do; can you say where was this mass of matter before creation and whether shall it go when the sun, the Moon, the Earth and other infinite number of plants shall supposedly disintegrate or perish?

Anomalies:-- If passes one’s comprehension, why after all should such an August self as God, the creator, the Destroyer and the manager the very causen causa, if there is one entangle in any useless-to-Him and unnecessary pursuits? Also, if He is, He must be super-wise, but we see a heavy down pour of rains and hails in the midst of oceans while the parched fields on the shore look whistfully towards the heaven! People sometimes credit God, with providing milk to the mother’s breast for babies, but who desoves censure for sending, plagues and pestilence and who sale destruction and Heroshima and Nagasaki and mass migration of bothe good and evil minded population from Pakistan to Bharat and vice versa?

Scriptures. Turning to the scriptures Christ openly declared:

No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.”

(St. John. Ch. I 18)

And again the so-called creator, destroyer and manager must also be omnipotent. Yes, but was satan too strong to be deterred from disobeying His will that he has to be as a necessary evil allowed to molest the poor progeny of Adam and Eve right to the last man or woman on this earth? Why God the Almighty God, let Adam and Eve even taste the forbidden fruit of good and evil? If at all, Satan was too strong for Him, would it not be reasonable or even feasible like yazid to worship His leadership Satan or His Holiness the Bachus instead of the meak and the vanquished God.”

Yazids had perhaps preguessed the urdu verse:

“ kal Allah kar gae Kalyug ane se hi pahle Gar hai Kalyug ka Khuda koi to woh Shatan hai”

God had breathed His last even before the advent of Kalyug.

Verily , if there is any God of Kalyug. He can be non other than Satan.

One wonders if He gets in anyway poorer without obeisance from you and I. Is He a child playing with dolls? Well, if this is so to admit it would be the beight of blasphemy and infiidlity, for we reduce Him to something less than a man of ordinary sense.

Ah! What explanation has He to offer when that Momen Maulana Hafiz in a moment of anguish asks?

“Bar kinare abe darya takhata bandan kar dai,
Baz men goi ke damen tar makun hoshiar bash”
Thou hast tied me down on the river bank, and then directed me to take care lest, mayst be drenched meaning thereby that since not a blade of grass move but with His command, it is so called God who is responsible for infusing in the vices like lust, avarice, and anger and when we fall an easy victim to them, we are threatened with dire consequences! What, & travesty of Justice? In short can the God who creates all things including, evil ever claim our reverence? Jainism , Vaisesika, Mayaya, Sankhaya, Vedanta and the school of thought known as Purva Mimensa are at any one who creates unhappy being and then claims devotion from them.

Nothing without a Maker. Surely such a crippled week-kneed , unjist and mismanaging God would require a super God to procreat Him, and a Still Grand Super God ad infinitive , if the principle that “ there is nothing in the matter is lgically applied to Him. The fact is that the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the myriads of celestial bodies are there scientitif principles. After all, all these heavenly bodies are composed of matter which has certain inherent properties and the pull or gravitation in proporting to the mass ad dstance of the objects is one of them. Putting into orbit of the Sutnik and America proves that it is this pullar gravition that keeps them where they are.

Perhaps you will still asset who is responsible for creating matter na infusing the various properties in it? But then the natural counter question is who is responsible for bringing God into existence and investing in him the powers so attributed?

Causeless-First Cause. Being baffled and non-plussed to meet these arguments the so-called God intoxicated mystic advances the causeless-first cause reason. But the modern man who can hardly believe that God spoke in thunder at Mount Sonal, when he understands the cause that generate thunder nay he himself can transmit messages to teh antipodes in a matter of second. Eightly retorts that if we must accept Him as the causeless- first cause, why not accept that the world itself-may be without a cause what we conveniently forget is that there are only two things everlasting i.e. Matter and Soul or Pudgala na Jiva.

The Jain Belief. Jainism , which is strictly scientific, does not believe that there is any creator or controller of the affairs of an individual or universe. It is true Jain songs and hymns something make references wherein it appears that God interferes in our affairs, or He is granting our prayers, but this is all due to poetic exuberance, an exaggeration, a hyperbole made in praise of the Lords, it is all due to misunderstanding and mis-statements of the facts by the overzealous theologians and poets who generally go beyond rationalisation. The true and real Jain god is above, all mundane and obstial affairs. The omniscient Lords have left their worshipful foot prints i.e. their experience and realisations of truth so that the shipwrecked and forlorn beings may see the truth and make determination to follow the path. If we do this, it would rather be for our own benefits and if we do not, it would be for our loss. God has nothing to do with our benefits and losses. The explanation that man is free in doing actions but dependent is reaping the fruit thereof is true only so far as a man is free to act according to his wishes but dependent upon his Karmas, he is not dependent, it should clearly be understood , upon nay outside Being or Agency.

Major Yugi Gagrin, the Soviet. Cosmsonant, while speaking in a press conference at Columbo on Dec. 12, 1961 told a questioner “I can let you unto a secret, when I was in outer space I did not see God. Let us assure Gagrin, if any assurance is needed, that he would not have seen Him even if he had landed on the moon or even gone beyond to the Venus or the Mars. Nay had he been anything real-one who could move, His angust-self . He would have punished Gagrin for intruding beyond man’s sheres.

What is God? But Jainism does speak of God, what is the then? It has come down to us in an old legend that at one period of the world’s history man lost his divinity. He had been careless over the treasure that had been with him from time immemorial but he then mislaid it. This important event caused the Gods to Consider what must be done to gain if for themselves. During the discussion on God suggested that this invaluable gem be hidden in the depths of the scos; no, ansurend the others, man was full of curiosity zest and he would be going down to these depth together pearls wherewith to grow rich or to adorn himself and doing this he might find the last treasure and thus regaining his divinity re-establish his superiority over us. Then another god suggested that it shold be hidden in the howels of the earth, “No ,an emphatic no,” again replied the majority. Man was an adventure and would be digging for gold and diamonds and in soking what he now consider to be the raal treasure he might come across this brilliant gem before he sought if of his own accord, for it own sake. Then one god wiser than the rest said, “Let us hide it in man itself, he will never think of seeking Divinity within himself.” And so the legend goes on to say that the precious treasure was hidden within man.

The heavens are still, no sounds,
Where shall then God be found?
Search not in distant skies,
In man’s own heart He lies.
Dhudan nikla Brahm ko dhund phira sub dhund
Jo tu chahe dhudana, is he dhund men dhund.
Which means you wandered all the world over to seek God. If you are really earnest, seach Him in yourself.”

The epitome of the above is that though we ourselves, meaning thereby the soul inhabiting our individual beings are inherently possessed of all the faculties of Godhood, viz omniscience, omnipotence, perfect bliss, immortality and s on, yet it is due to our wrong tendencies and activities that we have clouded them by putting layers and have thus dimmed effulgence of the sun residing within us.

This phenomenon may well he compared to that heavenly sun which though present in the firmament cease to diffuse light in its usual brilliance when covered by veils of clouds. We are all gods in embryo temples of light of lights, but we are all covered with clouds of dust and smoke of karmic matter. But all these clouds, being an appendage brough abut by our own faulds, can be shattered off by none else but by our own conscious, efforts of Right Belief, Right Knowledge and Right Tendencies and Activities; not through the intervention of any outer agency. The above philosophical exposition fully explain the Rig-Vedic allegory of killing of Vritra (Clouds) by Indra.

Chhupa hamhi men tha meher-i-kamil
Hamhi ne dhunda hamhi ne paya.
The Perfect Sun was hidden within ‘I’. ‘I’ made an efforts to search if and ‘I’ found it.
Man arf nafsae fiqd wef beh,

‘know thyself to know God’ is well-known Quarnic injuction containing the gist of all that is written in the Holy Book.

Thus was what Mansur menat by ‘Analhaq meaning Aham Brahm. ‘I an God’ of Vedanta which implied nothing else but that he had the potetitalities of being God. This also explain Hazrat Ali’s injuction to acpuire philosophical wisdom even from an infidel who only expresses in his own way what Allah declared in Surazariat:

“I am in your individuality, but you do not see;
We are nearer to man than his juglar vein.”
Some one has well said:
“Though Christ a thousand times and more
In Bethlehem’s stall be born,
If He’s not born within thyself
Thy soul is still forlorn.”

this fundamental philosophical exiom, “Man , know thyself and he divine” was regarded on the entrance of Appolo at Delphi in Greece.

Shams Ibrez, a muslim, only reiterates the above when he says,

“Ajab man Shamsta brezam
Ke gashtam shafta bar khud
Chun khund ra khud nazar kardam
Nadidam juz khuda dar khud.”
Wonderful shams Ibrez am I, that I have became an armoured when through my own efforts, I came to look into myself. I found none else but God in the self, Maulana Rum repeats the idea when he utters.

Ye who in search of God, of God pursue
Ye need not search for God is you, is you

Even the Prophet of Islam himself said,

1. I am Arab without Ayn=E=A Arab without E=a become rab meaning God
2. He who has seen me has seen God

Do the above sayings of the Prophet contradict the idea contained in the formula?

“La ilaha il illah, Mohamed rasul Allah?
There is no other God but true God Mohmad is His messenger.
No surely not, in the first place of the formla, “There is no other God but God.” The prophet denies the mythological gods but not the ture God or the divinity of soul and in the next part ‘Mohmad’ is the messenger of God what he means is that he is not God at present, but he has the essence of Godhood in him. The substance of all that is said above is contained in the two Urdu verses which means as under:-

Israri nuri wahdati ala ka hal sun
Makus ho ke khud men khuda ho gaiya men.
Khud jo khudi men dhund, khudi ko bhi bhul ja;
Phir tu hi khud kahiga khuda ho gaiya hon men.

The explanation of the mystry, becoming reflected in myself I became God.
Seek thyself in the ego and the eject egoism then thou shalt thyself declare. ‘I eath become God.’

In the purity of its essence the soul is blissful and omniscient but its vision is destructed by the association of matter which if has absorbed. In this condition it is incapable of penetrating the veil of impurity with which it is enshrouded on all sides, so that its vision be clarified by the turmoil of the material filth that obstructs it, it can regain its pristine glory.

God has become man, man will become God again. Man can not believe in God until he believes in himself.

Question: Can you tell me what is the address of God?

Answer: He is just round the corner of your house. Go out or stay in one night and turn the switch lights in wards and you will find Him staring at you.

Question: What is the most wonderfull thing in the world?

Answer: The most wonderfull thing is that we all see thousand of people dying and despite this we behave as if we are immortal . Still wonderful is that though this has been dinned in our ears all these years. We continue in the same rut. Still more wonderful is that the writer, who dares write on Dharma, is quite nil.