.keks vfjagrk.kaA .keks fl/~nk.ka A
.keks vk;fj;k.kaA .keks moT>k;.ka AA
.keks yks,lzOolkgw.ka A
,lks iap.keksdkjks A lOoikoIi.kkl.kksA
Eakxyk.ka p lOoksflaA iea gob eaxyaAA

It means:

Obeisance* to Arhants!

Obeisance to the Liberated Ones!

Obeisance to the Religious Guides!

Obeisance to all Holy men and Holiwomen (Saints) in the World.

Such like five-fold Obeisance, is the

Destroyer of all sins.

It is of all benedictions.

The principal benediction.

The above is called the Panchnamokar Mantra, that is, the

Five-Fold Obeisance Formula.

It is epitomised** and combined into one world A3um vks3e~ expressive of Panch Parmeshtis or five # Divinities as below:

A3um =3a+u+m.

(1) - a= Arhants vfjagrk.ka Perfact Souls embodied.)
Namo Arhantanam = I bow to the Arhnats;

(2) - a= Ashririv'kjhjh(the Deified Emancipated Souls in Nirvan)
Namo Sidhanam= I bow to sidhas;

(3) - a=Acharyavpk;Z ( the Pontiff i.e. the Head of the Saints); Namo Aieryanam= I bow to Pontiff;

(4) - u= Upadhyaya mik/~;k; ( the Preceptotr or the Adepts)- Namo Uvajjhayanam = I bow to Upadhyas.

(5)- m=Munis equh ( Saints). Namo loe-savva sahoonam= I bow to all the Saints in the World.

According to the Hindus the word Å¡ or vkse~ Aum is

Composed of:-

(1) - a= Ananda vkuUn or bliss.

(2)- u= or au=Aujas vkstl or Power.

(3) - ma= e~ Supporter or Protector

The OM or Aum has a triple significance and denotes the three fold attributes of Brahma;

Firstly He is all-pervading, all protecting and, all-knowing.

Secondly He is supremely excellent, high and wise, and

Thirdly He is blissful, Almighty and all-supporting.

‘I am’ which sounds almost as ‘Aum’ is the most significant name of God. This name is common to Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity.
From its perfect applicability, definitive, and comprehensive character the word OM is undoubtedly the most emblematic name of the Supreme Being.

*Obeisance- O-ba-sans, n, obedience: a bow or act of reverence.
** Epitomised- v.t. to make an epitome of: to shorten: to condense:-

This also perhaps explains why the number # five is considered as the most auspicious in the Book of numbers by Cheiro. The material of which was according to him drawn from Indian sources.