Welcome to Peep into Jainism

The popular beliefs about Jainism differ widely from those held by its followers, or as they were expounded by its religious Teachers. Such notions are confined not only to the field of Ethics. Metaphysics, Ritualism, Cosmogony, Philosophy and what not, but they extend to its very origin and antiquity. An attempt will be made in these few pages to dispel some of such false notions by putting before the readers the other side of the picture and let them their own judgments.

Originally the book was in the form of a collection of short notes for the writer’s use-ideas to be chewed like cud later at his leisure: they were never intended to be published till he could claim authority to speak and write, but then it was realized that the notes may be lost and time for rumination may not come, and as such they may not prove of any service even to him. The notes were consequently subjected to loud thinking in the present form. The writer, however, had certain limitations which made his task difficult. Help had consequently, to be sought from the writings of